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Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:Florida, United States of America
My name is Jordan. I am a 19-year-old male currently residing on the planet Earth. I like to think I'm at least a little interesting.

Interests (86):

5ideways, a controversial issue, acting, action figures, batman, beanies, behaving poorly in public, bible fanfiction, brainial stimulation, building cathedrals, capturing moments, cats, choir, cold things, cold things on my skin, cosmic justice, dinosaurs, documenting things, dogs, equality, eve and the serpent, evolution, exercises in obtuse perversity, faking it, faulty logic, free stuff, friendly hostility, genesis, godlike names, hats, having my hair played with, having stuff, head massages, honesty, hugs for my head, jewfros, jove lucetius, kill the beast, leading others astray, learning, making statements, me as a hat, me me me me!, me me me!, me me!, me!, movies where everybody dies, music, my delusions of grandeur, my handwriting, my sense of self-importance, mythology, narwhals, natural selection, new people, not not wearing pants, not teenage angst, not trying hard enough, peace, questionable hats, really cold things, really really cold things, road trips, saying offensive things, science, science fiction, shangy, shangy/shangy otp, singing, single declarative sentences, sucking at video games, superman, supernatural, talking to strangers, the nineteen forbidden notes, the sound of my own voice, thinking, thinking highly of myself, trees, truth, ugly '90s clothes, ugly clothes, unconventional percussion, video games, wearing pants, wearing pants everywhere
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